Goninkan (6 people playing)
How to play the game of cards

1. Card use
Club A with J. Q. K @ 12 pieces
Diamond A and J. Q. K 12 pieces
Hart A and J. Q. K @ 12 pieces
Spade A and J. Q. K 13 pieces
Joker cards 1 piece
Use 50 pieces

2. Distribute roles (role sowing) Any six people sitting in a ring, each of the 50 cards from one argument to pieces, handed out the first role of the minimum number of people (Corporate sowing) will be. (Deputy Director, handed out cards during the game to the recovery of non-face cards) of the A at least up to 2, then A. K. Q. J. type is a dial-up starting at the club, spades and hearts. Therefore, at least two of spades, the club A (Ace) is maximal. Aggregation points, handed out the role of the clerk in charge.
3.Order of the trump (Strongest suit in the field) Trump is constant on the field, clubs, diamonds, hearts, and around one in order, repeated several times within the time limit. The dealer replaced them every suite (move to the right).
4.Distribute cards The dealer shuffles the cards well to other 5 people from the left each one in turn distribute copies, hand out 10 copies.
5.Reveal the Relationship(KANKEI) The ace A (Ace) and people with people with Joker "relationship" and display (voice) and related groups and the three other unrelated groups of people will tag-team match. (The dealer will get the score of the related group involved.) Relationships group A (Ace) when people were lined with people with the Joker, the seat right next to people with the right people exchange. (Must be a relationship between a group of people other than the related group of people who get one or two people), the ace A (Ace) and two copies of the Joker with one person if (NIJUKAN) is, A (Ace) to put a lid on and place the Joker, right next to the second (if the dealer is also right next door) became involved, people that were involved in the field to hand out 10 cards face down, one unrelated Card cards with one of them who were previously served two face down cards (jokers and aces) in one single swap the game progresses. The suite of all A (Ace) over four games even though the same group will progress with Joker cards.
6.Start (1st round) The other two players involved dealer group, come "KOI", go "IKU" etc., starting a conversation forth at least the first start of the season. The order went out right around 5:00 card comes into full-blown suit cards, a large number of (A.K.Q.J. .2 order) of the people "rights" Nearby, comes into the picture cards (A.K.Q.J) collected their own group, put in place. Collect the remaining card is the dealer, sit on the corner of the field. Then "right:KENRI" people were out of the card, the order went out clockwise, repeat. Face cards are related to one group of nine when his pieces are in the same group collected two wins and advanced to the second round, the face cards if you win nine related groups in the same group collected photos of progress to round two then, the face cards related groups lost the case could not collect from the following eight photos are following the suit of "trump card" moved to the dealer cards handed out following the birth of a new relationship groups, one of his to start. If the dealer wins the group remains the same relationship to two of his move.
7.To use the trump Started, the same pattern when no card is also good progress in the other pattern. At that time, out of trump cards "right" to win back even better, if you receive more than one trump card, the greater the number of people "rights" will be. Also, other than one of the Joker put forward a good time. Joker wins all the cards. The remaining 2 was on hand copies of the card is a joker always have to be paid. (Section dancing:ODORIBAN)
8.Second round End of first round, when winning the Group is involved as one of distributing the cards against the dealer, determine the trump suit of the group concerned. In this case, 1 the second round A (Ace) to decide the trump suit against people who had had a joker, or, on his side have been helpful to get I want to know pass two cards face down cards. The trump suit is decided who had to start branching out to the joker card any. Relations group to win two races in a picture card of 8 pieces must be collected. The following seven pieces became lost, following suit of the trump change to the dealer cards handed out following the birth of one group to start a new relationship of race relations group has won !dealer if the same The move to the first three races.